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7 Best Humidifier and Air Purifier Combos – (Reviews & Guide 2022)

We all know how important clean air is for our overall health. In today’s modern time, many people are taking this essential part of life for granted; however, it’s crucial that we pay more attention to it, especially with the high levels of air pollution going on around us.

Low air quality is the main cause for different health issues among people and this is why individuals have turned to different options to improve the air quality in their homes.

Moreover, people who have respiratory health issues are the ones most affected by low air quality and toxic particles since it compromises their health even more.

Luckily, there are some simple solutions sold on the market which can help us improve the air in our homes. Obviously, one of these is using a best air purifier and humidifier combo

There are a variety of options available and sold both online so it might become tedious when trying to choose the right one for your needs.

But, don’t worry. We’ve composed an all-inclusive list which will make your decision simple easier.

Below, check out the top 7 humidifier and air purifier combo reviews.

Budget Pick

If you’re working with a tight budget the BONECO W200 combo air purifier and humidifier is the right choice for you.

It has a honeycomb construction and the incorporated filter eliminates mineral deposits, grey dusts or other impurities, which in return makes the discharged air clean and healthy.

The seller offers payment in 6 months’ installments, which is convenient if you’re looking to save money and still get a great product.

Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Reviews - Updated List

Venta LW15 Airwasher

The Venta LW15 Airwasher is an amazing humidifier and air purifier in one machine sold by Venta will satisfy all your needs. Its capacity can cover a 200 sq. ft. apartment and it comes in 2 colors-black and white. So, you can choose them based on your interior.

Moreover, this German manufactured unit is ideal for both apartments and offices that aren’t too big.

Compared to other items in its category, this Venta LW15 is easy to move around because it’s total weight comes up to 8,5 pounds. Also, it’s not too loud so it won’t cause any distractions or disturb you while sleeping or working.

Furthermore, as its name implies, this 2 in 1 humidifier and air purifier is able to simultaneously humidify the dry air in the room as well as remove any dust, pollen and other particles that cause different allergies.

This incredible Venta Airwasher has a 1.4-gallon water reservoir which has an auto shutdown and water level indicator.

The best thing about it is the user-friendly menu panel. It’s created to be understood by anyone and it features four simple buttons which are self-explanatory, can be easily read and help you operate the machine.

Lastly, one thing that might be a disadvantage is the fact that it requires Venta antibacterial water bottles to be purchased every 3 weeks.

This might not be ideal if you’re working with a limited budget.  


  • Compact design
  • Special disinfect and dehumidify filters
  • Easy to move around
  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise levels
  • User-friendly button panel


  • Expensive upkeep

Sharp KC-860U

Whether you’re suffering from asthma or allergies and looking for relief or want just to breathe healthy, fresh air, SHARP KC-860U is your air humidifier and purifier all in one.

This Sharp air purifier humidifier can cover up to 341 sq. ft. apartments.  Thus, if you live in a medium size apartment or room, this is the purchase you need.

Moreover, it has a naturally advanced technology for truly clean air built into over 80 million products since 2001. Their patented Plasma Cluster Ion Technology eliminates different microscopic pollutants which can’t be trapped by traditional filters.

It’s been tested in 17 laboratories around the world in USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea and others.

Further, the SHARP KC-860U PlasmaCluster Air Purifier is verified around the world and proven effective in reducing viruses, bacteria, molds and certain odors in your home.

You can be sure that the triple filtration system will clean the air effectively and the true HEPA filter will remove up to 99.7 % of the particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Happy clients confirm that they love this HEPA air purifier and humidifier. It’s easy to use, maintain and clean and it’s particularly functional in areas where the air is too dry.

The only thing that might be considered a weakness is the constant ticking noise. You might find it annoying if you use it in your bedroom and need complete silence to get a good night sleep.


  • Medium size rooms up to 341 sq. ft.
  • Exclusive patented Plasma Cluster Ion Technology
  • Verified worldwide
  • Triple filtration system
  • Convenient humidifying system
  • Low cost


  • Constant ticking sound

BONECO Air Washer W200

This BONECO Air Washer is totally worth your money!

It’s an affordable option and it comes with a large tank which has the capacity to cover a room with the size of 500 sq. feet.

With the help of the evaporator mat which rotates through the water, you’ll have the required moisture levels in your living area.

Water is a natural filter which works on removing the impurities such as dust and pollen.

Another great option that this air purifier and humidifier combination purifying system offers two operation modes. The first one is the daily mode, which allows maximum output, and the second one is the night option for silent operation.

Once the tank is empty, the built in automation switch will turn off, making it a low energy consumption appliance.

Furthermore, the BONECO Air Washer W200 is easy to operate and its sleek, modern design will fit any interior. It also features a humidifier diffuser with an integrated fragrance container filled with essential oils.

These oils will add to the good performance of the machine.

One possible downside about this purifier and air humidifier combo is the fact that it can’t capture ultra-thin particles since it doesn’t have a HEPA filter.

Last but not least, it’s really easy to clean. All of its parts can be disassembled, washed in a dishwasher and put back together in no time.


  • 2 operation modes
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 dimensional evaporator
  • Sleek design


  • No true HEPA filter

pureheat 3 in 1

What an amazing product by Green Tech Environmental!

Their 3-in-1 humidifier and air purifier appliance offers the safest heating technology which involves a grille which is completely safe to touch.

Additionally, it features an automatic overheating protection for your safety.

Moreover, the company invests a lot in superior air purification technology which cleanses both the air and your apartment surfaces by killing bacteria, mold, viruses and different odors.

This machine will make sure you never worry about dry, stuffy air anymore will make sure you won’t have to worry about dry, stuffy air anymore- since it improves the moisture.

This will be especially helpful during winter season when the heating is constantly on and the air gets drier and drier.

Furthermore, it has various user-friendly features such as an LCD temperature display, a remote and a 12 hour on/off timer which add even more to its value, so you can be certain you’re getting your money’s worth.

The company made sure that the machine is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing its wood-like design will look nice in any type of interior design.


  • Superior air purification
  • Timer included
  • Overheating switch off option
  • Good value for money


  •  Small water tank

oreck air refresh 2-in-1 air purifier humidifier

You’ll be completely satisfied with this 2-in-1 humidifier and purifier because it has everything you need.

First, it has 2-stage filtration. In the first stage, it captures 99% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. These include dust mites, pollen, pet dander, allergens as well as cooking smoke.

Then, in the second stage, it works on removing the unwanted odors from the air.

Furthermore, the adjustable ultrasonic humidifier releases a cool mist without using hot steam. Additionally, you can adjust the humidity level based on your need.

The built-in humidistat can measure the room’s relative humidity and automatically switch on/off to make sure the right level is kept.

This oreck air refresh 2-in-1 air purifier humidifier is the perfect choice for your bedroom or nursery room, since the modern silence technology allows noise-free air cleansing and humidifying.

Additionally, we’d like to point out that the manufacturer has more than 50 years of specialization in home cleaning.

Their focus is on different areas related to cleaning and maintaining your home and they’re as one of North America’s most beloved brands.

To sum up, this Oreck WK15500B is a good buy and the only thing that might be an issue is the price which is on the higher end, so it’s not the best option if you’re looking for something budget friendly.


  • 2 stage filtration
  • Built in humidistat
  • Quiet operation
  • Filter indicator


  • Expensive option

envion fs200

The Envion FS200 Four Seasons appliance will be a great addition to your home. It can be used in both medium and large rooms and is able to clean the air as much as 3 times in only an hour.

Moreover, in the name of your comfort the device has various functions and settings that can be used at the same time. Hence, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature and humidity levels according to your preference.

The manufacturer proudly states that this Envion FS200 is the only air purifier you’ll need all year round.

It’s beneficial during allergy season since it helps remove all known allergens and pet dander which can be detrimental for your health.

Once summer time comes, you can use the powerful fan option for a cool, refreshing breeze in your apartment. And when cold weather kicks in you can use it to heat up your house and to humidify the air when it gets too dry.  

According to satisfied customers, it’s a great product which immediately makes a difference in air quality.

Lastly, the only disadvantage is its size, so you might want to plan your space before purchasing because it’s quite large.


  • Can be used all year round
  • Affordable and good value
  • HEPA filter
  • Purifies the air 3 times a day


  • Large unit, not suitable for small apartments

OPOLAR evaporative humidifier

OPOLAR offers this great mist-free and leakage-proof digital humidifier-purifier combo for a very affordable price.

It’s designed with a honeycomb construction and the incorporated filter eliminates any mineral deposits, grey dusts or other impurities which makes the released air clean and healthy.

With the help of physical evaporation, invisible mist is dispersed into the air. There’s no vibration generated water leakage or excessive humidity which can damage the floor, electronics or your furniture.

The OPOLAR evaporative humidifier has a built in, low-noise fan won’t interrupt your comfortable and peaceful sleep cycle. Moreover, the filter is made from nylon fiber and is permanent and durable.

 Another good thing about it is the easy refill option. All you need to do is remove the grill and pour in the water. Plus, you can check the inner filter at any time.

Furthermore, according to satisfied users, it saves energy and maintains the ideal room air humidity while its LCD panel will allow you to check the needed information easy and at any time.

In general, this is a solid humidifier, the only weakness would be that the blue lights on the touch pad.

They can’t be switched off and you might find this disturbing if you use it in your bedroom.


  • Energy saver
  • Easy to operate
  • Standard and sleep mode available
  • Quiet


  •  No off function for the touch pad blue lights

What is an air purifier and humidifier combo?

As the name itself implies, this is a device which can purify and humidify the air at the same time.

They’re a great choice because they are cost-effective rather than having to purchase two different units and they’ll take up less space, especially if you live in a smaller apartment.

Why you need an air purifier/humidifier?

Purchasing an air purifier is always a smart decision. There is a number of different air pollutants and for which we don’t know the side effects on our overall health.

An air purifier is important as eating healthy and drinking clean water is.

Although you might think that the air in your apartment is safe, it’s been proven that sometimes, the air inside a house contains even up to 100 times more pollution particles than outside air.

If you have a kid or you’re pregnant, it’s essential to keep the air clean especially. The air purifier will help cleanse the wall for any toxins that might be detrimental to the undeveloped lungs of a young person.

Moreover, they’re also recommended for elderly people with comprised airways. They’ll prolong your lifespan and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lastly, the combo units featured in our article will also help you keep the air moist during winter season when our heating is on and some of them even have a heater option.

What is a HEPA filter?

It’s always good to learn the basics before purchasing anything and this is especially true when deciding on an investment such as an air purifier-humidifier combo.

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filtration.

This process is the golden standard for air cleansing. The filter has a highly dense paper which is able to trap different air toxins and is usually used in the highest quality machines.

When making deciding which purifier to choose, it’s always good to look for the true HEPA filter option. Some of the benefits this filter provides are:

It can remove mold spores, dust, fungi, pollen, hair, pet dander and visible smoke

It doesn’t release the particles again in the air

How noisy are these machines?

Although these units produce noise, you can definitely choose one with low noise levels and smart silence technology which you can use even in your baby’s room.

Before you go and purchase your appliance, make sure you research these options and consult with our list on which one is the best.

It’s good to take into account the room where you’d like to place the machine, since this will affect the decision on whether you’ll be looking for a silent variant.

What about maintenance?

Before investing in any technology, it’s good to choose low maintenance options.

You don’t want to spend extra finances on additional costs for repairs. Additionally, this is related to cleaning options and changing filters.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, an air purifier and humidifier combo unit is a generally cheaper option for those who want to save money and still make a smart and healthy investment. Moreover, the combo machines take up less space and give you more available options.

Our article features 7 different types of air purifiers-humidifiers and you can rest assured that we’ve highlighted the best options available on Amazon.

Our top pick is the Venta 2-in-1 which is compact, easy to move around and has a nice elegant design. Additionally, it has a user-friendly button panel and it’s not loud as some other units.

However, if you’re working with a limited budget, we’d suggest you to go for the BONECO W200.

It’s a great value for money since the seller offers installment payments and it still has nice user options and will do its job well.

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